This good-looking girl pipped up

By | September 5, 2019

I have been married to my husband for five years, and I really did think that I knew him inside and out, but apparently, I do not do as well as I thought. The other day when I was coming home on the Underground, I was sitting chatting with a friend and telling him what a great husband he was. I guess I must have mentioned his full name because this good-looking girl pipped up and told me she used to date him at Arsenal escorts of


My chin must have fallen on my chest, and I could not believe what I was hearing. Without being asked, she started to tell me about her and my husband. He had promised her the world and said to her that he would take care of her when she left Arsenal escorts. The way she described him, it was clear that the man she was talking about was husband. It upset me so much that I had been lied to by him that I almost burst into tears. The man I had married seemed to be living a double life.


I soon realized that he had stopped dating the girl at Arsenal escorts around the time he had met me. Just like with her, he had promised me the world. The difference was that in my case everything had come true and I guess the poor girl sitting there realized that I got the better end of the deal. Then I stopped and thought about it. Had I got the better end of the deal? After all, it sounded like my husband kept a few secrets from me.


As I was still in control of my senses and emotions, I asked the girl her name. She told me, and I wrote her name down on the notepad on my phone. I was not sure that I would tell my husband that I had met a girl he used to date at Arsenal escorts, but at the same time, I was glad that I had found out. The girl looked at me strangely. She asked me if I was upset? I said that I had not known about my husband’s escort habit, but I had a good marriage and told her that I might leave it at that. Like I said to my friend, I did not want the girl to notice that I was upset. I think that was precisely what she was trying to achieve.


That afternoon I did not go straight home. My friend and I went to a coffee shop and had a chat. I thought that the tears were going to come at any moment, but they never did. When I thought about how I felt, I realized I felt numb on the inside. My husband would be home from his company soon, and he would be looking forward to us having a meal together. He had spoiled that young girl from Arsenal escorts rotten, and it was about time he destroyed me. I may be his trophy wife and tonight this trophy wife wanted to go out to dinner, and she would pick the restaurant. What would he think about this new side to me? I felt the credit card he had arranged for me to have to burn a hole in my wallet.